Life Itself: Its Origin and Nature

Life Itself Its Origin and Nature Francis Crick the Nobel Prize winning biologist and one of the most imaginative writers in the scientific community addresses the ultimate question What is the nature of life itself Includes the fir

  • Title: Life Itself: Its Origin and Nature
  • Author: Francis Crick
  • ISBN: 9780671255626
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Francis Crick, the Nobel Prize winning biologist and one of the most imaginative writers in the scientific community, addresses the ultimate question What is the nature of life itself Includes the first publication of his theory of Directed Panspermia, also known as the Crick Theory.

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    1. Francis Harry Compton Crick OM FRS 8 June 1916 28 July 2004 , was a British molecular biologist, physicist, and neuroscientist, and most noted for being one of the co discoverers of the structure of the DNA molecule in 1953 He, James D Watson and Maurice Wilkins were jointly awarded the 1962 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine for their discoveries concerning the molecular structure of nucleic acids and its significance for information transfer in living material.Crick is widely known for use of the term central dogma to summarize an idea that genetic information flow in cells is essentially one way, from DNA to RNA to protein Crick was an important theoretical molecular biologist and played an important role in research related to revealing the genetic code.During the remainder of his career, he held the post of J.W Kieckhefer Distinguished Research Professor at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla, California His later research centered on theoretical neurobiology and attempts to advance the scientific study of human consciousness He remained in this post until his death he was editing a manuscript on his death bed, a scientist until the bitter end said Christof Koch enpedia wiki Francis_

    2. == ريفيو اثناء القراءة ==لا ازال فى منتصف الكتاب تقريبا . فهمت بعض الاجزاء و لم افهم اجزاء اخرى لكن اعتقد انه يمكننى تبسيط ما فهمته حتى الان:- الكون شاسع جدا جدا جدا بل يكاد يكون لا متناهىفى مجرتنا 10 مرفوعة للاس 11 من النجوم و فى الكون كله 10 مرفوعة للاس 11 من المجرات . بحسبة بسيطة هنا [...]

    3. This book got increasingly better as I read it. It started off uninteresting due to the necessity for Crick to give a general overview of molecular biology. However, by the middle this became an excellent look at the origin of life and how important its understanding is to humanity. While the bits devoted to directed panspermia are a little far-fetched, they are enthralling and ultimately feasible.Crick writes with the clarity of Dawkins (minus the smirk) and the awe of Sagan. Those are my two f [...]

    4. Crick begins by outlining a more or less standard account about the origins of life on earth (a random coming together of molecules that replicated). Crick notes the various soft spots in that theory (lack of evidence, the impossibility of obtaining the evidence needed) and suggests an alternative explanation, “Directed Panspermia,” in which intelligent life elsewhere in the cosmos seeded the earth with the chemicals necessary for life to have evolved. It's not so clear why Crick wrote this [...]

    5. "بعد كل مرة أكتب فيها بحثا عن موضوع نشأة الحياة،أحلف أنني لن أعود للكتابة فيه مرة أخرى، ذلك أن فيه الكثير من التأمل يجري خلف القليل من الحقائق. لكنني لابد أن أعترف بأن الموضوع له بالرغم من كل شئ سحره حتى ليبدو أنني لن أخلص لقسمي أبدا"-فرانسيس كريك- ما هو تعريف الحياة؟ كيف أمكن ل [...]

    6. I had recently read a book by James Watson so when I noted this much shorter book by Francis Crick, I could not resist. I'll probably edit this review later since I am doing this off the cuff plus I'll probably re-read it again.I gave this 4 stars because I believe he presents his case well, though I do not agree with him hardly at all when he starts theorizing.Clearly this book is a bit outdated since Crick bemoans the inability to determine if planets around other stars exist. The evidence exi [...]

    7. This was quite a joy to read. The first chapters are very similar to almost any conventional book on the beginnings of life, but the the author takes a rather surprising turn in offering an idea of the Directed Panspermia. It is an idea that an advanced civilised species would sent bacteria onto other planets in order to spread life around. Although I except the statistical arguments on why spontaneous development of life is so unlikely, I am not entirely convinced that Directed Panspermia is an [...]

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    9. Much about the standing conditions of life and of biochemistry, many speculations about the past and the future of life. But not a single attempt to define life, to explain how it differs from lifeless matter. It's all about how life works, none about what life itself is.

    10. I love this book!!! Francis Crick (co-founder of DNA and Nobel prize winner 1962) presents his theory concerning the beginning of life and viruses. Carl Sagan wrote "A delightimulating and provocative". I'm right there with him! Great brain workout. If life began as a virus, is that why viruses are untamable in our universe? It isn't an easy book to find these days, however, there are still a few used paperbook copies available. I will not lend mine out againis is the third time I have had to go [...]

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