Passin Shanika Ann Jenkins is the pride of her African American family smart beautiful and born with blue eyes and blonde hair Though her grandmother and father are happy because she represents years of pa

  • Title: Passin'
  • Author: Karen E. Quinones Miller
  • ISBN: 9780446696050
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Paperback
  • Shanika Ann Jenkins is the pride of her African American family smart, beautiful, and born with blue eyes and blonde hair Though her grandmother and father are happy because she represents years of passing down light skin and marrying well, Shanika s mother insists on her name reflecting her African American heritage so that she will always be proud of who she is When SShanika Ann Jenkins is the pride of her African American family smart, beautiful, and born with blue eyes and blonde hair Though her grandmother and father are happy because she represents years of passing down light skin and marrying well, Shanika s mother insists on her name reflecting her African American heritage so that she will always be proud of who she is When Shanika gets the opportunity to work for a PR firm in New York, she finds that everyone assumes she is white she also notices that being white has it advantages, from getting respect at work to getting picked up by a cab when other African Americans are passed by When she starts dating a successful white colleague, she continues with the lie, despite the guilt she feels at disappointing her mother and her heritage When she falls for a handsome African American business man, she must finally face who she is and what she s done, even if it means losing everything and everyone she loves.

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    1. Karen E Quinones Miller is the author of the Essence best selling novels Satin Doll, I m Telling, Using What You Got, Ida B nominated for an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work Fiction , Satin Nights, and Passin Miller was born and raised in Harlem and dropped out of school in the 8th grade, but later finished her education and became a reporter for The Philadelphia Inquirer In 1999 she self published her first novel, Satin Doll, and sold 3,000 copies in just six weeks and ultimately sold 28,000 copies in six months The publishing rights to Satin Doll and a second book were ultimately sold at auction for a six figure deal She has subsequently been published by Simon Schuster, Warner Books, and Grand Central Books Miller, who is included in the book Literary Divas The Top 100 Most Admired African American Women in Literature, is a frequent and accomplished public speaker Miller has conducted numerous publishing self publishing workshops that have been attended by people nationwide.But than anything, Miller s passion is writing She used her publishing company Oshun Publishing Company, Inc to publish Harlem Godfather The Rap on my Husband, Ellsworth Bumpy Johnson the first biography written about the Harlem gangster who was depicted in the movies Cotton Club, Hoodlum and American Gangster which she co authored along with Bumpy s 93 year old widow, Mayme Johnson Oshun Publishing also recently published Raw An Erotic Street Tale by Shay, and Prey For Love by Leyton Wint.

    2. Imitation of LifeMost families have traditions. Well, the Jenkins family has a tradition of sorts - keep it light-bright and damn near white. With that in mind, Mother Jenkins was not too pleased with her son Peter's choice of a mate in Rina as she doesn't fit with her darker skin. At forty-eight years of age, Rina thought she was long past child bearing years, so she was surprised to learn of her pregnancy. She was even more surprised when she gave birth to a fair-skinned daughter with blond ha [...]

    3. Okay so I was not impressed by the book at all. I guess going into reading this book I had high expectations since the author is Karen Quinones-Miller and given the topic. The development of the story was just okay. The characters were a bit bland and teetering on the lines of being a bit unrealistic. Some of the points were valid but then after a while it was starting to feel like an after school PBS special.The climactic part was barely a climax, it was more of a bump in the road. Not being cy [...]

    4. This is an interesting book that discusses passing in our current society. I found it interesting that the story of passing is still told as this cautionary tale of the performance of race. Its crazy that this world still places so much value on one's racial identity.

    5. Karen E. Quinones Miller paints a vivid portrait of the practice of "passing'"by lighter-skinned blacks.She has positioned the spotlight on a topic not often addressed because the subject matter is too tabooSSIN' is a bravely written novel delving into the delicate topic of being "color struck"in the African American community.Karen E. Quinones Miller delivers a powerful message as she composes Shanika's thought provoking tale.Karen E. Quinones Miller makes some salient observations about race. [...]

    6. There were several things I liked about this book. First, Shanika was a very believable character; so were the situations she found herself in. The book is written in such an easy breezy way that I tore right through it. In fact, I was pret-ty much disappointed when I came to the ending: the book was so good I wanted to read more. Another thing I liked was that, as a subject matter, "passing" hasn't really been tackled all that much, especially recently. It sparked quite a discussion on whether [...]

    7. I read this book in the span of about 10 hours. It is that good. It has such a interesting perspective on blacks passing for white, because we read the novel from the pov of someone who is doing it. We get her reasoning and arguing with herself and even hating herself for doing it. We are also able to pass our own judgement on her doing it for how long she does it. Although we hear Nikkie's excuses and reasons for continuing, Miller also does an great job of keeping her character truthful to her [...]

    8. This is the second book I have read by Quinones Miller. The controversial topic of racial passing made this book quite an interesting read, as the protagonist is faced with biases and dilemmas that involve this possibility. Her questions and (lack of) actions lend easily to a discussion on self-perception, as well as past and present race relations. The plot was a bit longer than necessary to drive the point home; as a result, it became a bit predictable after a while. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it [...]

    9. I was a little perturbed by Shanika's denial about WHY she was passing for white. She created the mountain out of the molehill and denied her race, worse than the denial were the repeated betrayals while in the company of whites. This book didn't touch on anything new as far as stereotypes go in the same manner as "Milk In My Coffe" does. I wanted the author to dog deeper than the disparity between the races insofar as our tastes in music, cuisine, and views when we think no one is listening.

    10. Easy and enjoyable reading. I just think that the misconception went on too. I think the cat could have come out the bag many times but especially when she got married. Didn't she want her only brother to be there? It could have been a good story line that her brother being a black man walks in. For her husband to divorce her because she came clean and admitted she was black is crazy! His own momma is black! Makes me think because he was successful he wanted a trophy white woman. Did he not fall [...]

    11. Thought provoking book, Shanika/Nikkie thought being white would solve her problems- getting a plush job- but soon founds that pretending to be something you're not is more trouble than it's worth. Her mom dies knowing she wasn't proud of her race and her only brother disowns her for being a fake, although sadden by their feelings she continues her charade. Her perfect white world crumbles with the birth of her child. Ms. Miller did a great job in softening a tough subject "Race".

    12. This was my book club's February pick. It generated a lot of discussion, but everyone agreed it was a ridiculous story. The central character had absolutely no justification for her actions. This is a subject that's been done to death. Unfortunately, this book trivalized "passing" for a different race.

    13. Karen E. Quinones Miller tells the story of a young African American woman who is the pride of her family in that she can pass as white. Shanika is talented, intelligent, and ambitious, ready to take on her dream job in a PR firm. This book took me on a few unexpected twists and turns and I loved the ride! I finished the book in a weekend. Check this book out!

    14. More like 3.5 stars really. C;mon GR, get w/ the halfstar program already. This book was well written & provocative. As a darked hued African American, I have no idea of what it would be like to consider "passing", but this book is a glimpse into what it would be like. I found myself equal parts intrigued and incensed as I read. This one is a pot stirrer to say the least.

    15. The book 'Passin' by Karen Miller is interesting and crazy. Its about a young black woman in her early twenties passing for white in New York. At first its just to land a job, afterwards the journey of hiding her heritage begans to take on a life of its own. As the saying goes, always be true to one's heritage.

    16. I really liked this book. It really focused on an issue that occurs in black society. A black person "passing" as white to get ahead. I had to watch "Imitation of Life" again after reading this book.

    17. I enjoy reading books that allow you to look into lives of people who might or might not have something to hide. This book allows you see what people think of other races when they think no one's looking.

    18. I wonder if people still are passing in 2008! Interesting. The book was ok. Nothing to write home about, but it kept my interest, plus I had to finish it because it was the book of the month for my book club.

    19. Well Nikkie, Shanika, Nicole or whatever her name washad a very bad dilemma. I felt bad for her some, but i think in the end she did learn her lesson.

    20. Excellent book. As a white woman I didn't know the degree that racism is so prevalent. It opened my eyes and told a heartbreaking story as well.

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