To My Dearest Friends

To My Dearest Friends Alice and Nanny have never met before but they have one thing in common their late friend Roberta Alice is the prim proprietor of a chic Madison Avenue shop while Nanny is a sharp eyed Manhattan rea

  • Title: To My Dearest Friends
  • Author: Patricia Volk
  • ISBN: 9780307263605
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Alice and Nanny have never met before, but they have one thing in common their late friend Roberta Alice is the prim proprietor of a chic Madison Avenue shop, while Nanny is a sharp eyed Manhattan real estate broker This New York odd couple is thrown together when Roberta trusts them with her last request that together they open her safe deposit box What they find insiAlice and Nanny have never met before, but they have one thing in common their late friend Roberta Alice is the prim proprietor of a chic Madison Avenue shop, while Nanny is a sharp eyed Manhattan real estate broker This New York odd couple is thrown together when Roberta trusts them with her last request that together they open her safe deposit box What they find inside compels these women to address a surprising truth about their beloved Roberta A profound yet hilarious novel, To My Dearest Friends is the story of two women and a journey of friendship neither chose to take.From the Trade Paperback edition.

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    2 thoughts on “To My Dearest Friends

    1. Patricia Volk is the author of the memoir Stuffed Adventures of a Restaurant Family and four works of fiction A recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship, she has taught at Columbia University, New York University, and Bennington College, and has written for The New York Times, The Atlantic, The New Yorker and Playboy She lives in New York City.

    2. This book was a literary mess. From a disfunctional plot line to confusing dialogue and irrelevant tangents, it was barely readable. Do not be fooled by the synopsis! The book is incapable of living up it's description.

    3. 2.5 raised up to 3 because I liked the beginning. Maybe because I read this piecemeal, this felt choppy and disjointed. Sometimes I just need to get a big chunk of time to read.

    4. This was a fresh look at a familiar theme, woman friends and their special connection. Alice and Nanny are quite dissimilar but they share a mutual friend, Roberta, who has just died of breast cancer. The surviving friends seem to have been the companions to complement the disparate sides of Roberta's personality. At the end their is an unexpected third character who reflected yet another, more hidden, side.The portrayal of daily life in Manhattan is so vivid I began to consider NYC as a charact [...]

    5. I learned about this book from Head Butler and bought it while visiting a dear friend at her daughter's wedding in Denver. Two weeks after Roberta "Bobbi" Bloom dies, her lawyer calls her two best friends, Alice and Nanny, to his office. Why? Because Bobbi has given them keys to a safety deposit box. And the lawyer now has a letter for them from Bobbi: Dearest Nanny and Alice, Dear Dearest Friends in No Particular Order, Please go now to the Chase on Fifty-eighth and Madison. Open the box togeth [...]

    6. A woman dies and in her will leaves something to two of her friends that have never met. The book has these two friends trying to figure out the intent of their dead friend in bringing the two of them together and why she left them what she did. It's definitely a discussion book when u get to the end as u need to see if others felt the same when they finished it. Volk's writing is wonderful.

    7. I was entertained by this episodic tale. The writing conveys the different characters of the various narrators. Not much of a plot but the dialog, descriptions, and writing are crisp and entertaining.

    8. A fine quick read. I thought the characters were a little flat (or at least developed a little flatly if that makes sense), but I still enjoyed it.

    9. A woman in her fifties dies and leaves a safe deposit box key to her two best friends (who don't know each other), with the instruction "You'll know what to do" about its contents. The box contains one passionate love letter to the woman, whose friends (and presumably her husband and daughter) had no idea of the affair. The woman's two friends, whose personalities and circumstances are as different from each other's as possible, try to figure out what their late friend would have wanted them to [...]

    10. Two very different women share a friend, who at her death shares a secret relationship by having both women—who never knew each other before— together open a safe deposit box that contains a letter. The rest of the book details the daily minutiae of Nanny and Alice as they cope with their own changing lives and puzzle over how to handle this Roberta/Robbie's suddenly shared secret. I just returned from a trip to New York, and I enjoyed traveling through a New York I will never know—the one [...]

    11. A quick, enjoyable read about two separate friends of a recently deceased woman Roberta who are left her safe deposit box in her will. The book is a little scattered. It rotates narrators, which is fine, but the chapter headings don't typically denotes whose view it is. The book is mainly about the individual friendship each of the main characters, Nanny and Alice, had with the deceased. But it also speaks to the individual struggles each one has in life. The underlying "mystery" is why what is [...]

    12. I loved the interaction of Roberta's friends - Alice and Nanny. When I think about my friendships, I know there are those who would ask -if I brought all my friends together - why or how I could be friends with someone who wasn't like them. The book describes Roberta through her friends who knew her at different times and ways in her life and theirs. The way it was written brought the action forward in small bites. It was a delightful read. I didn't want it to end, but there wasn't anymore to sa [...]

    13. I can't explain why I liked it. Not a great plot. Not great writing. I took 3 books and stacks of The New Yorker on vacation with me, and although the other books are very good, this is the one that I could not put-down once I started it. I did not like "Stuffed"-- Volks other book. (So much so that I did not even finish it.) But this took me less than 24 hrs to complete and I read it at the expense of tending to my 3yo and other important things. One could write about this book and be a big spo [...]

    14. Plot starter without any spoilers: a lady dies and as part of her will, gets two of her best friends together to solve a sort-of mystery. The two friends don't really know each other and they are almost total opposites. It's interesting to see an outside look at how the different kinds of friends you have serve you in different ways, but there was some excessive sub-character development and a few random tangents. I did enjoy it and it was a perfect way to amuse myself while sitting on a plane o [...]

    15. This book reads like a disjointed episode of Gilmore Girls, if the Gilmores were 50-year-old women. Volk provides us with a glimpse into the minds of older women with an insight that is, at its best, quite piercing. Unfortunately, my enjoyment of this reassuring and heartwarming novel was marred by its more saccharine, perplexing, coy, and platitudinous qualities. The overly clever inner monologues annoyed me to no end. And yet, inexplicably, TO MY DEAREST FRIENDS left me with a warm fuzzy feeli [...]

    16. A woman named Roberta dies of cancer and leaves a letter to her 2 best friends Alice & Nanny. Alice & Nanny never knew each other, but are brought together by their friends letter. She leaves them a love letter that was written to her; what is shocking is that both alice and nanny believed that Roberta was happily married, and they never suspected she had an affair.The story follows alice and nanny as they get to know each other and as they go through their own problems in their own live [...]

    17. Entertaining and the characters are quite good. I liked Nanny.I don't feel a great deal of connection to the women in some ways as the lifestyle in New York seems pretentious and isolated at times. The idea of focusing on shops, theatre, movies not particuarly interesting, but it is handled well and the relationship that develops between Alice and Nanny is the high point, although I wish Alice had become warmer - somehow she never reads as approachable enough to like.I think Volk is a good write [...]

    18. I give this book two stars only because I somewhat had the desire to skim through and find out how it ended, which I did not actually do. Otherwise, the book would have gotten one star. The storyline sounded interesting enough that I wanted to read the book, but less than one chapter in and I was losing interest, two chapters in and I was downright disinterested, but I kept on for one more chapter thinking maybe it was a slow starter. And maybe it was, but if so it was slow enough I couldn't bri [...]

    19. This was a book group read. I am curious to see if it had any interest for younger women, as it is about older women. A woman dies of cancer, and two of her friends are called to her attorney's office. They are given the key to a safe deposit box and instructions that they are to open it together. And what is inside? The contents of the safe deposit box drive much of the rest of the story. This is about lifelong Manhattan women.

    20. This was a nice quick read about a woman who dies of cancer and leaves her two friends to ferret out answers to a couple clues she left in her safe deposit box. Somewhat predictable in that at first the two woman don't really like each other, but gradually grow on each other and in the end become good friends. Oh.ey also find out the "mystery" of their deceased friendat was not as predictable, which was good! Nice a light for a winter's weekend read.

    21. I loved reading this book. It is so much more than just a story of friendship and "what would you do if?" It is a story of women,fear of the unknown, friendship, life, growing old, sharing your life with others and aging gracefully (or not) with each other. I especially enjoyed the descriptions of the changes in the characters relationships and lives as the moved through adulthood and into 'middle-age'. As a 50 something woman, I can relate!

    22. When a dear friend dies and leaves a legacy to you and another dear friend, how do you solve the mystery that comes with the legacy? Should you accept what you learn, reject it, or act on it? Can you and your new partner in this mystery do anything? Lives and reputations could be at stake.This story is probably the warmest I've read of friendships and the love between friends. It is witty in places, but always, always deeply connected to love. Guess what? I deeply loved it!

    23. This book was ok, to say the least. I knew going in that it would be a quick read - given it's not very thick. The story seemed rushed, and I story wasn't coming to a close (and I was almost done with the book - 1 to 2 chapters to go!) The story did end, on a good note but it was rushed and not that much thought seemed to go into the ending. I most likely wouldn't recommend this to anyone.

    24. This little book is a big surprise from start to finish. It presents unique friendships and relationships among women in their 60's and does it with humor and class. It is a unique mystery; not a "who-dun-it," but a bigger mystery. Do we ever really know our friends? And the more we know the more we like.

    25. After her death, a sends her two best friends (who don’t know each other) a letter from her secret lover. The friends, who are very different from one another try to figure out why she would have left them this legacy and in doing so discover truths about. What I liked about the book was the development of the friends and their unlikely relationship with eachother.

    26. This is light fare but pleasant.I like that it concerns older, middle aged women and is about their committed friendships. At my age (65) this is important reality. The questions posed: how well do we know anyone? How do we move forward in mid-life? are also worthy of consideration. KInd of thin narrative but the story stayed with me.

    27. Another novel about women, friendship, and perhaps, expanding your own horizons by letting go, moving on, and accepting that people are not always what you think they are.To My Dearest Friends brings two very different women together because of a shared friend. This story did make me think about what one gives and gets from different relationships.

    28. I was a little confused in the beginning. Having said that, I was also hooked from the start. Once Nanny and Alice decide what to do with what they were given I couldn't put it down. And the outcome was a surprise.For a shorter book the characters were very well developed. I felt like they were real people. It was a fun light read.

    29. Two women who don't know each other receive a dying request from their mutual best friend and together they open a safe deposit box and learn a secret the friend's been keeping from both of them. I liked these women, the book is fluff, but I want to read Patricia Volk's memoir now so -- I guess it was my cup of tea (as we women of a certain age say)

    30. This book grew on me as I read - I wasn't sure about at first, and it was kind of slow getting into it. I suspect this may be true of Volk's memoir (Stuffed), as I ultimately set it aside for awhile because it wasn't holding my interest. Now that I've read this book & become familiar with her writing style, I find that I like it & will probably enjoy her memoir much more now.

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