The Sicilian's Virgin Bride

The Sicilian s Virgin Bride Commanded back to her husband s bedWomen did not walk away from Sicilian billionaire Rocco Castellani All he d wanted was a lovely biddable wife Instead Francesca had taken off before the first dance

  • Title: The Sicilian's Virgin Bride
  • Author: Sarah Morgan
  • ISBN: 9780373127030
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Paperback
  • Commanded back to her husband s bedWomen did not walk away from Sicilian billionaire Rocco Castellani All he d wanted was a lovely, biddable wife Instead Francesca had taken off before the first dance at their wedding breakfast But Rocco has tracked down his runaway young bride, and now she s back by his side where a good Sicilian wife should be Rocco was cheated oCommanded back to her husband s bedWomen did not walk away from Sicilian billionaire Rocco Castellani All he d wanted was a lovely, biddable wife Instead Francesca had taken off before the first dance at their wedding breakfast But Rocco has tracked down his runaway young bride, and now she s back by his side where a good Sicilian wife should be Rocco was cheated out of his wedding night and now nothing s going to stop him from taking his virgin bride.

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    2 thoughts on “The Sicilian's Virgin Bride

    1. About SarahUSA Today bestselling author Sarah Morgan writes romance and contemporary women s fiction and her trademark humour and sensuality have gained her fans across the globe She is a 3 time winner of the prestigious RITA Award from the Romance Writers of America and has been nominated five times Sarah lives near London, England, and when she isn t reading or writing she loves being outdoors Look out for MOONLIGHT OVER MANHATTAN, Sarah s latest release in her series set in New York City, and HOW TO KEEP A SECRET, Sarah s first standalone women s fiction novel, coming June to the UK and July to the US Join Sarah on Facebook facebook AuthorSarahMFollow Sarah on Twitter twitter SarahMorgan_ Follow Sarah on Instagram instagram sarahmorganFollow Sarah on Pinterest uk.pinterest SarahMorgan_ Website sarahmorgan Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information.

    2. This book is sickly fascinating.So the repressed heroine from an abusive home is asked by the hero to marry her. She sees all her dreams coming true, he's hot, he finds her sexy *or so she assumes* and he's wealthy and travels a lot so she can live her ambition of seeing the world.d most importantly experiencing the world.So the obliviously happy heroine gets married and on her wedding day overhears some painful truth. Women laughing at her because no one in their right mind would marry the hero [...]

    3. 4.5 stars.I know from skimming through the reviews that lots of people really hated this book.I quite liked it. The hero was the typical HP cave man who thought nothing of his double standards. But, what made this book for me was the growth of his awareness and love of the heroine. It was not a last chapter redemption. He evolved throughout the course of the story making his transformation very real and believable.I totally felt the HEA was genuine.

    4. It left me w/ unanswered questions.Yeah he invited his ex to the wedding. Why? Never discovered that. Also why was he making out with said ex? As someone else commented: why would the author even involve the ex's in this story if the situations weren't going to be resolved. That was very annoying. He just wanted her to trust him on things and accept, but what he was asking was what she had lived with all her life and she didn't want a life like that. He wants to continue to party but not take hi [...]

    5. I swear Sarah Morgan was writing about two aliens who had to learn to blend in with humans after they crash-landed on “planet relationship.” The hero was an OTT Neanderthal – like missing link - clueless. He was convinced there were women out in the general population who were potential bed mates and then his wife whom he would keep close at home, in dowdy clothes and pregnant. He truly didn’t see anything wrong with inviting his former girlfriends to his wedding, or relaxing after work [...]

    6. Disappointed and angry by the time i finished,Rocco who is a MCP,arrogant,hypocrite,mean jerk spoiled the whole book for me,so many questions never answered and Francesca took steps to fight but gave in between,the double standards just made my blood boil

    7. Wow, so conflicted about this book. It was very well-written and Chessie's story was engrossing. It's a 2 star hero, with a 3 star storyline, much of which is inexplicable. So much makes no sense. So why 3 stars? Because I still loved reading it and couldn't put it down, train wreck and jerk hero and all.After having been kept a virtual prisoner by her abusive, philandering father, it took extraordinary courage for Chessie to escape on her wedding day after hearing other women talk trash about h [...]

    8. Alternate title: Chauvinist hero and the stupid virgin who falls for him.I was tempted so many times to chuck this book in the trashcan but I had to see how low the author will go. The hero is a medieval man with the madonna-whore complex: the pure wife/mother versus the sexy-but-trashy mistress/girlfriend. That's how he can rationalize being seen kissing his ex on his wedding day and bringing another gf to a nightclub while his goody-two-shoes wife is fuming at home. I swore: nothing short of l [...]

    9. Rocco acted abominably towards Chessie, but I felt he steadily redeemed himself as the novel progressed. I also believed in their happy ending and that there was no infidelity.I liked that Chessie's naivety didn't last forever. Outside forces had to wake her up, yes, but once she did it was fun watching her knock Rocco down a peg or two. I enjoyed The Sicilian's Virgin Bride overall. On a side note, this reminded me of Lynne Graham's writing (the characterization, tone and storyline) which is a [...]

    10. SPOILERS AHEADAh, for a character who wants her independence and keeps saying "Let me go!" to Rocco while secretly hoping he dashes on his white horse and sweep her away and ravishes her because he's hot and she should be grateful he wants her when he could had had anybody else, Francesca sure dosen't put up much of a fight when she has sex with Rocco and falls desperately into his arms and gives up leaving him until she finds out she's his baby-making machine. And the scary part is, after she d [...]

    11. Like another review said I didn't like the heroine. She was full of insecurities, childish and whiny. the second half of the book was better though and so im giving this 3 stars.

    12. I can't believe I wasted my time reading this booke worst Sarah Morgan book ever.hero was such a cold unfeeling monster.I couldnt believe that he loved the heroineis was definitely not romance!!

    13. Malo. Malo. Malo. La protagonista es tremendamente frustrante. El protagonista es un patán. Los dos me cayeron bastante mal. La historia fue súper sosa. Y el final taaan patético!

    14. Good Book. didn't like that he went to a club to party with another woman. but whatever LOVED IT.

    15. Missing a little extra touchI wasn't sure I was enjoying this book for awhile. The hero was a touch domineering until he began to understand his brides life.Once that became a pat of their story it gained momentum.My problem is the ending, I felt it lacked closure. An epilogue filled with the hero's behavior at delivery and the wonder at his child and his feelings at holding her. Would have put this story over the top.Without that closure it doesnt make me see a happily ever after story, it leav [...]

    16. ¡2 ESTRELLAS!Una historia sin vida, muy plana, con unos personajes simples que no evolucionan ni se ve dessarrollo personal. Ella es una chica muy infantil e ingenua que se comporta como una niña caprichosa y él es un prepotente, egocéntrico. La historia no la he sentido real, no hay química ni afinidad entre los personajes. No me han transmitido nada. La narración es muy sistemática "pasa esto y luego esto" pero no explica ni profundiza los temas. La protagonista me ha llegado a exaspera [...]

    17. Mais um livro pequeno e que se lê bastante bem, como sabem comprei alguns livros destes no olx a um preço bastante em conta, e para desenjoar dos restantes livros e para pôr a minha leitura em dia e conseguir atingir o meu objectivo do , nada melhor do que ler estes mini-romances da Harlequim. É um romance ligeiro, apaixonante e que faz qualquer pessoa rir com este livro. Sim leram bem, rir, e isto porquê, porque entre Rocco e Francesca as coisas não começaram lá muito bem, e ela acaba p [...]

    18. forced marriage she makes him think she left him for another man she tries to return incognito to see her mom but of course he is waiting for her at airport.

    19. This hadn't been the best romantic novel I had read! Actually is really boring. When we read this kind of book we always know how gonna end, however is the journeywhat really matters. And this was a awful path, lack of brightness and creativity! I hate him, I hate her! Everthing was so forced, like have to be done but don't matter how I doing it! A poor novel at all. I really like this series, and mostly all the novells I had read of it, but this was geetting worse and worse throught the page! I [...]

    20. Well, mb it wasn't of author's strongest books but it was OK. As always there's a lack of communication between H/h, but there's also this strange way the heroine was raised. You would wonder how it can happen in a modern world. Well, mb if story took place somewhere in Balcans or Middle East. But I never visited Italy or Sicily for that matter. MB it could have happened there too?This book is about very low self-esteem and that's a bit strange to read about in this context. But it was entertain [...]

    21. Chessie married Rocco under command from her father. She went from one prison to another. But she left him on their wedding day. But now she is back and he has her where he wants her. But with all the stuff her father did to her and her mother will she ever let another man inside her closed off heart? Does he have the patience to give her or will he run over her feelings like they mean nothing to her? The angst here was well felt. Sarah Morgan is another of my favorite authors and not only thru [...]

    22. It was good but I felt like towards the end it could have been better. The dialogue seemed stretched, especially with the heroine constantly talking in circles, making me think she doesn't want the hero to know anything. Something like "I am not pregnant with a boy"///"I am pregnant with a girl" the story could have been 50 lines less.

    23. I kinda hate the heroine. Full of insecurities, a lil childish and whiny. It also felt short on the connection between the MCs. I kinda like how it started but it did not proceed the way I expected it to. Sigh.But it was an okay read tho. Just don't expect too much based on the blurb.

    24. Didn't like the hero AT ALL. I wasn't too fond of the heroine either. The conflict at the end wasn't convincing.

    25. Le doy dos estrellas y es mucho. Realmente no me gustó. Él es típico siciliano machista que te dan ganas de tirarlo por la ventana, y ella no se queda atrás.

    26. Many ridiculous situations in this book. It was like a non-intentional tragicomedy. Thanks to its short lenght and the fact that it made me laugh more than cringe, I decided to finish it. :P

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