Wild Thorns

Wild Thorns A young Palestinian named Usama returns from working in the Gulf to support the resistance movement His mission is to blow up buses transporting Palestinian workers into Israel Shocked to discover tha

  • Title: Wild Thorns
  • Author: Sahar Khalifeh Trevor Le Gassick Elizabeth Warnock Fernea
  • ISBN: 9780863565373
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Paperback
  • A young Palestinian named Usama returns from working in the Gulf to support the resistance movement His mission is to blow up buses transporting Palestinian workers into Israel.Shocked to discover that many of his fellow citizens have adjusted to life under military rule, Usama exchanges harsh words with his friends and family Despite uncertainty, he sets out to accompliA young Palestinian named Usama returns from working in the Gulf to support the resistance movement His mission is to blow up buses transporting Palestinian workers into Israel.Shocked to discover that many of his fellow citizens have adjusted to life under military rule, Usama exchanges harsh words with his friends and family Despite uncertainty, he sets out to accomplish his mission with disastrous consequences.Originally published in Jerusalem, Wild Thorns was the first Arab novel to offer a glimpse of social and personal relations under Israeli occupation Featuring unsentimental portrayals of everyday life, its deep sincerity, uncompromising honesty and rich emotional core plead elegantly for the cause of survival in the face of oppression.Sahar Khalifeh was born in Nablus in 1941 She entered into a traditional arranged marriage at eighteen, and after thirteen years left her husband and began writing Her first novel was confiscated by Israeli authorities the second was published in Cairo She taught at the University of Iowa and at Palestine s Bir Zeit University, and founded the Women s Affairs Centres in Nablus, Gaza City and Amman Wild Thorns is her third novel.

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    1. Sahar Khalifeh Trevor Le Gassick Elizabeth Warnock Fernea says:

      Sahar Khalifeh Arabic also as Sahar Khalifa in French, German, Italian is a Palestinian writer Her works include several novels and essays, translated into several languages, as well as non fiction writing Sahar Khalifeh was awarded the 2006 Naguib Mahfouz literature medal for The Image, the Icon, and the Covenant.Sahar Khalifeh is the founder of the Women s Affairs Center in Nablus She received her B.A degree in English American Literature from Bir Zeit University Palestine, 1977 , an M.A from the The University of North Carolina USA, 1982 and a PhD in Women Studies American Women s Literature from the University of Iowa, USA,1988.

    2. "Wild Thorns" is about the lives of Palestinians living under the Israeli occupation in the West Bank. This book is definitely one of my personal favorites. Reading it, I was reminded of the way that ordinary people live under occupation in Kashmir, my homeland. So on a personal level, this book definitely resonated with me.The author presents the clashing and sometimes overlapping views of a number of Palestinians as they respond to the Israeli occupation. The main character, Usama, returns to [...]

    3. رواية ممتازة تجول في ثنايا العقل الفلسطيني والناس تحت الاحتلال وجدلية الصمود والهروب، المقاومة والتسليم، التصنيع الوطني ومقاطعة الاحتلالشخصيات توحي بحال القيادة المهترئة والسابحة في خيالات الماضي وانتصارات الجدود معمية عن قذارة الواقع والوحل الذي يغيص فيه الشعب. والشبا [...]

    4. تتناول هذه الرواية موضوعا شائكا اجادت سحر عرضه باسلوبها البسيط الممتع ، فلسطينيو الداخل والخارج في مواجهة صريحة ، مواجهة تعشش في زوايا مخبئة دائما لكن في الصبار عرضتها سحر بصراحتها المعهودة ولم تأل جهدا في اسقاطتها العظيمةاسامة الكرمي شاب عائد الى بلاده بعد ان نال لم الشمل [...]

    5. Wild Thorns is a powerful novel by Sahar Khalifeh that captures the complexities of the Israeli occupied West Bank through the use of dynamic male characters such as Usama and his cousin Adil. The weight in the novel comes from the multiple layers of narrative that complicate simplistic views of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Khalifeh's use of these male narratives allows readers to see two sides of the same coin. The novel opens with Usama's perspective as he returns to the West Bank in orde [...]

    6. This novel, published in 1985, is set in the West Bank during a time of Israeli occupation. It follows Usama as he returns home from living abroad for several years. Filled with specific notions of proper Palestinian resistance, he begins to realize that his expectations are not met by his friends, family, or peers. Although much more complex than I am letting on, this work explores relationships between people and their communities, their nations, and ultimately the world. The text is provocat [...]

    7. This novel was first published in 1976 and takes place in the occupied West Bank. It was an eye-opener for me. Somehow, I had never quite imagined what it must be like to live in the West Bank; the novel takes us into the life of ordinary Palestinians and the different ways they respond to ("adjust to" is not quite the right word) Israeli occupation. The protagonists are men (which I found at first a bit surprising since Khalifeh is a major Palestinian feminist), but by focusing on male characte [...]

    8. I read this for my post-colonialism class. Written by an Arab woman, it tells the story of the Israeli occupation of Palestine through the eyes of two cousins, one who believes in violent resistance and one who just believes in surviving day to day. Reading fiction such as these is a great way to understand sometimes complicated and confusing historical events in a human way. I recommend it to anyone looking to understand what the Palestians are going through in the struggle for their land.

    9. An engaging description of the Israeli occupation from the Palestinian perspective in the mid 1970s. Addresses many of the issues revolving around resistance, division within the Palestinian community, family culture, and the new generation of Palestinians growing up in the occupation.

    10. اشعر ان روايات سحر خليفة تمشي ببطء، واسلوبها ممل بعض الشيء اذ لا تتسارع الاحداث الا قبل النهاية بقليل سأتابع قراءة باقي رواياتها علّني ٱجد ما يشدّني كقارئة!

    11. The complexities and struggles of living life in the West Bank during the 1970s under Israeli occupation is vividly captured in Sahar’s Khalifeh novel Wild Thorns. Khalifeh’s utilization of the setting, of illustrating Palestinian characters from starkly different socioeconomic upbringings provides readers an enriched understanding into the daily lives of the Palestinians and sheds light on how resistance can come in many different forms.Khalifeh uses such an engaging and vivid language to c [...]

    12. Perusing the books in the Book Exchange that were required reading by WVU students I picked this one up as I don't think I've ever read works by a Palestinian author.The story takes place in Israel occupied Palestine. The utter resignation, frustration, subjugation, and overall pathos of living in an occupied territory is explicit. Penury, informers, omnipresent Israeli military, discriminatory labor conditions, serendipitous arrests - all this was well written. Usama, the main character, return [...]

    13. Der Roman spielt im Westjordanland der 1970er Jahre und behandelt zwei Themen: die politische Situation unter Besatzung zwischen Unterwerfung und Kampf und sehr facettenreich die wirtschaftlichen Bedingungen im besetzten Gebiet und wie diese beiden Themen miteinander verwoben sind.Die Themenwahl macht den Roman für das Verständnis des Konflikts (und auch anderer Konflikte) so wichtig. Sahar Khalifa erzählt aus palästinensischer Sicht, doch schon diese einseitige Perspektive auf den Konflikt [...]

    14. رواية واقعية تعرفك على حياة الفلسطيني و يومياته ، عن المقاومة و الرضوخ للواقع ، عن حلم أهل الشتات بالعودة ، عن الجسر و المعبر ، عن الحب بأشكاله ، عن الأم ، عن المال و مال العدو . متناقضات كثيرة لكنها الواقع .

    15. It's an overtly political act to take a side in a conflict, especially in one as fraught with moral quagmires as the ongoing war between Israel and Palestine. But what about simultaneously taking and critiquing both sides while living within the society of one side? This is exactly what Sahar Khalifeh does in her introspective firecracker of a novel, "Wild Thorns."The novel is primarily told from the perspective of Usama, a young man who once aspired to be a poet, but is now thrust into the posi [...]

    16. Sahar Khalifeh’s novel Wild Thorns is a powerful portrayal of human strife, suffering, and social conflict in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. It is told from the points-of-view of several Palestinian male characters, and begins with the return of the young Palestinian expatriate Usama to his home in Nablus, only to find that the Palestine he remembers is no longer there. He is shocked to discover that instead of rising up against the Israeli occupation, his family and friends appear passive an [...]

    17. This was a haunting novel told from the perspective of a young man (Usama) who returns to his native Palestine on a terrorist mission to blow up buses that transport Palestinian workers into Israel. Kahlifeh’s novel clearly portrays the hardships and bitterness of a people who have had their homeland occupied, their lands taken away, and their lives disrupted by the emergence of the Israeli nation in the late 1940’s. It clearly portrays the disillusionment with America for not standing up to [...]

    18. I was assigned to read this book for a World Literature class in college and I did not finish it then. The setting is in the disputed territory that is occupied by Israel, but inhabited by Arabs. The time period is late 1970s to early '80s. The characters are Arabs, struggling to live under occupation. Some take jobs inside Israel and are told they betray their nationality. Some join the guerrilla resistance and are jailed, then made to feel ashamed for using violence and for making things more [...]

    19. I read « Wild Thorns » by Sahar Khalifeh. A young Palestinian comes back from the Gulf countries to his native town in the West Bank near Nablus. He is returning to take part in the underground fight for Palestine’s Liberation. But he doesn’t recognize the occupied city. His old uncle might still pretend to be the intellectual conscience of the Palestinian cause, but Adil, his son and Usama’s cousin, unbeknownst to his father, has stopped exploiting the family domain in order to go work [...]

    20. تحكي الرواية عن معاناة الشعب الفلسطيني بفلسطين بوجود الاحتلال. وكيف أن الشعب بالداخل ينتظر الحل من الخارج بأن تقوم الدول بالحرب ضد إسرائيل بينما ينتظر الناس بالخارج من الشعب بالداخل أن يقوموا بالثورة. وكيف أن كل إنسان يتهم الآخر بوطنيته إما لخروجه من البلد وتجميعه الأموال أ [...]

    21. You can't exactly enjoy this book because of the subject matter and location, but it gives you a very real glimpse into the lives of ordinary Palestinians during Israeli occupation (sometime in the 80s). The book highlights the frustration of young men who want to fight and resist, versus those who are trying to make a living (mostly by working, in shame, in Israel) and feed their families and for whom the resistance is a secondary, idealistic thing.At the end of the day the message again is how [...]

    22. A poetic, but painfully honest, portrayal of a group of Palestinians living in the West Bank. The author takes us into their minds, where we find very different and very human reactions to their losses, poverty, lack of pride. For the most part Israel and Israelis are spoken of as oppressors, but there are a couple of moments in which characters see each other as human across an apparently unbridgeable divide. More important, Israel hardly matters in the book; what matters is the reality of peop [...]

    23. A very powerful glimpse into the Palestine/Israel conflict as it stood in the 1970s. Published less than a decade after occupation, the fact that the novel doesn't know the future of today makes it all the more compelling as it explores family, economy, politics, violence, food, and history--if nothing else, it is an engaging, heart-breaking story that makes me want to try to understand far more than I do of the history of that part of the world.Just finished a 2nd read, and I picked up on a num [...]

    24. i'm reading it now and just missed my book group to discuss writing a review is a little more daunting than piping up in a groupading this account of Palestinians trying to deal with the early days of the occupation makes me realize i need to learn more about the history of Israel's interesting that the focus is on young men- struggling to find their place in the struggle, and/or to make a living and provide for their families. the author, a Palestinian woman, does introduce interesting female c [...]

    25. It's difficult to give this book a rating - it's so rooted in a real (and ongoing) historical experience that reading it as a stand-alone literary work is impossible. It was repetitive at times, and I think it must have lost some more nuanced meanings or idiosyncrasies when translated from Arabic. It is a narrative that ties together a range of characters who each approach their life as an occupied people with a different mindset, and cope with it in their daily life through a mix of actions, an [...]

    26. It was difficult to tell whether my problems with this book were based on the translation or the original. There were definitely some striking moments, and I appreciated the repetition of certain phrases that tied the story together. It was really interesting to get a different perspective on life inside Palestine. However, the chapters seemed disjointed and the text was occasionally very dry, but that may be a translation problem. As it is, I can only give three stars.

    27. This book is excellent. I would recommend it to anyone regardless of tier interest or knowledge of Palestine, Israel, or the Middle East as a whole.It was profoundly touching but not in a melodramatic sort of way, there were no tears, just cynical un happy smirks and resigned shakes facial expressions.I can't wait for the day when I'm proficient enough in Arabic to read in its original form.No words I can write will do justice to this masterpiece, just pick it up.

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