The Floating Opera

The Floating Opera The Floating Opera is a novel by the American writer John Barth It chronicles one day in the life of Todd Andrews a day on which he makes a very important decision It was Barth s first novel

  • Title: The Floating Opera
  • Author: John Barth
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  • Page: 263
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Floating Opera is a 1956 novel by the American writer John Barth It chronicles one day in the life of Todd Andrews, a day on which he makes a very important decision It was Barth s first novel.

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    1. John Simmons Barth is an American novelist and short story writer, known for the postmodernist and metafictive quality of his work.John Barth was born in Cambridge, Maryland, and briefly studied Elementary Theory and Advanced Orchestration at Juilliard before attending Johns Hopkins University, receiving a B.A in 1951 and an M.A in 1952 for which he wrote a thesis novel, The Shirt of Nessus.He was a professor at Penn State University 1953 1965 , SUNY Buffalo 1965 1973 , Boston University visiting professor, 1972 1973 , and Johns Hopkins University 1973 1995 before he retired in 1995.Barth began his career with The Floating Opera and The End of the Road, two short novels that deal wittily with controversial topics, suicide and abortion respectively They are straightforward tales as Barth later remarked, they didn t know they were novels The Sot Weed Factor, Barth s next novel, is an 800 page mock epic of the colonization of Maryland based on the life of an actual poet, Ebenezer Cooke, who wrote a poem of the same title The Sot Weed Factor is what Northrop Frye called an anatomy a large, loosely structured work, with digressions, distractions, stories within stories, and lists such as a lengthy exchange of insulting terms by two prostitutes The fictional Ebenezer Cooke repeatedly described as poet and virgin is a Candide like innocent who sets out to write a heroic epic, becomes disillusioned and ends up writing a biting satire.Barth s next novel, Giles Goat Boy, of comparable size, is a speculative fiction based on the conceit of the university as universe A half man, half goat discovers his humanity and becomes a savior in a story presented as a computer tape given to Barth, who denies that it is his work In the course of the novel Giles carries out all the tasks prescribed by Joseph Campbell in The Hero with a Thousand Faces Barth kept a list of the tasks taped to his wall while he was writing the book.The short story collection Lost in the Funhouse and the novella collection Chimera are even metafictional than their two predecessors, foregrounding the writing process and presenting achievements such as seven nested quotations In LETTERS Barth and the characters of his first six books interact.While writing these books, Barth was also pondering and discussing the theoretical problems of fiction writing, most notably in an essay, The Literature of Exhaustion first printed in the Atlantic, 1967 , that was widely considered to be a statement of the death of the novel compare with Roland Barthes s The Death of the Author Barth has since insisted that he was merely making clear that a particular stage in history was passing, and pointing to possible directions from there He later 1979 wrote a follow up essay, The Literature of Replenishment, to clarify the point.Barth s fiction continues to maintain a precarious balance between postmodern self consciousness and wordplay on the one hand, and the sympathetic characterisation and page turning plotting commonly associated with traditional genres and subgenres of classic and contemporary storytelling.

    2. Whether to Exit if Not Entranced? That is the QuestionTime is a river. And all the world's a stage this case, on a steamboat, a showboat, no less, plying up and down the river. Life itself is an entertainment, a comedy, a circus, a play, an opera performed on this floating stage, hence a floating opera. To top it off (so to speak), all men and women are merely players in their own shows, although they might also be spectators in the shows of others. They have their exits and their entrances. Som [...]

    3. John Barth (n. 1930)John Barth (n. 1930) no prefácio da edição portuguesa refere: ”Se tinha algum plano literário no início da década de 1950 era simplesmente o de escrever um romance publicável, se conseguisse, e, de caminho, talvez ficar a saber quem era eu, pelo menos no meio da ficção.”Ópera Flutuante” (1956) é o primeiro romance de John Barth, escrito nos primeiros três meses de 1955, publicado quando tinha apenas vinte e quatro anos de idade, com o seu editor a obrigá-lo [...]

    4. This book was written in 1955 when the author was only 24 years old. It has a air of mystery in it because the edition I got says that it contains the complete text of the novel, including the passages deleted in the previous editions and the original and correct ending to the story which was changed as a condition of the book's first publication. I'm afraid I will never get to find out what these deleted passages were and the altered ending.Another apt title to this novel would have been "Todd [...]

    5. تاد اندروز وکیل مجربیه که مادرش رو وقتی بچه بوده از دست داده و پدرش هم وکیلی بوده که بعد از ورشکستگی و از دست دادن همه سرمایه در سهام خودش رو حلق آویز کرده و چیزی جز بدهی برای وارثش به ارث نگذاشته . خود تاد هم دچار مشکل پروستات و قلبه به طوریکه هر لحظه ممکنه قلبش از کار بایسته، طو [...]

    6. Some books give answers, others cause questions. John Barth’s novel, THE FLOATING OPERA, does both. Told in the first person, with times of direct conversation with the reader, this piece of meta-fiction is pure enjoyment. The novel tells of the morning when Todd Andrews awakens and has decided that suicide is the answer he’s looking for. But since he tells the story, the reader instantly knows Todd never goes through with his wicked plan. Why? The answer lies within the novel, but don’t g [...]

    7. Faccio una premessa: commentare questo libro è molto difficile, qualunque cosa scriverò se ne potrebbero scrivere migliaia di altre, quindi sempre una visione incompleta ne darò, per cui consiglio di leggerlo per chi ne fosse incuriosito. Per leggerlo sappiate che occorre armarsi di molta pazienza.Avrei potuto liquidarlo con due parole: a me della vita dell’avvocato Todd Andrews non me ne frega niente, Todd Andrews e la cricca dei suoi amici mi stanno tutti sulle scatole, non ho provato un [...]

    8. اومبرتو اکو داستان کوتاهی دارد در باره ی مردی که در دوره ی دانشجویی چند سال در یک تاًتر کار می کرده. او مجبور بوده پیش از بسته شدن درِ خوابگاه خود را به آنجا برساند، بنابر این نتوانسته بیست دقیقه ی آخر هیچ کدام از نمایش هایی که آن سالها مجانی تماشا کرده را ببیند. او در سنین بازنش [...]

    9. I was eighteen, I think, when I first read Camus’s Myth of Sisyphus and I remember even now the long debate I had with my friends around the allegation (that I loosely translate as follows) “To commit suicide is to acknowledge that life is not worth living.” Well, it was weird in a nostalgic way to hear some of our arguments (especially the question whether there is really a meaning of life) rephrased by Todd Andrews, the main character of John Barth’s Floating Opera. Although not-so-wei [...]

    10. Ho letto accelerando (per quanto possibile) l’attività cerebrale perché mi chiedevi di capire rapidamente “ora” - che in quel preciso istante era ormai un inesorabile “allora” - dato che forse non saresti vissuto sino alla fine del capitolo. Allo stesso modo avrei potuto avere lo stesso destino io, no? Mica poco, Barth. Furbacchione. E in fondo, perché prendermi tanto disturbo nel rincorrere i tuoi virtuosismi postmoderni? Lo hai detto tu, o meglio, lo ha detto Todd: “Questa è l [...]

    11. If nothing is of intrinsic value, as arguesOpera protagonist Andrews, then this review is worthless. I could just as easily describe my shoes to you. Or perhaps last night’s dinner of vegetarian tacos tickles you more? By all means this is a worthwhile book, despite the fact that it too is intrinsically valueless. But then there are also all those other books that purport their own significance; they must be have a basic value, no? All of your JoyceCervantesBeckettPynchonGaddisShakespeareWoolf [...]

    12. la prosa galleggianteTodd è un tipo un po' stranoche un giorno prende una decisionequi ci racconta di quel giornoquello in cui, se avesse dato seguito alla sua decisione,si sarebbe suicidatola storia si srotola davanti agli occhi del lettoreè tutta racchiusa in una giornata:epocale, ma allo stesso tempouna giornata qualunque per Todd e per i suoi amicila prosa è lieve e contorta insiemele divagazioni sono parte del suo fascinoe leggere significa accettare implicitamente di entrare nel circo g [...]

    13. This may become a new favorite, the writing is my kind of humor.How can a book about a fella who decides to off himself be funny or humorous you ask?Great question my friend, try this out from the second page:To carry the "meandering stream" conceit a bit further, if I may: it has always seemed to me, in the novels that I've read now and then, that those authors are asking a great deal of their readers who start their stories furiously, in the middle of things, rather than backing or sidling slo [...]

    14. این کتاب بیش از هر چیزی مواجهه با پوچی است. اما راوی و یا نویسنده به شیوه‌ای جذاب خواننده را با این موضوع روبه‌رو می‌کند که توی دنیا هیچ چیزی ارزش ذاتی ندارد. نه این‌که گمان کنید این کتاب قرار است کلاس فلسفه باشد! در واقع داستان‌گویی بخش مهم دیگری از اپرای شناور است و راوی آنق [...]

    15. “Harrison – a fine, muscular, sun-bronzed, gentle-eyed, patrician-nosed, steak-fed, Gilman Schooled, soft-spoken, well-tailored aristocrat – to his family's understandable alarm was a communist at the time. Not a parlor communist, either: an out-and-out leaflet-writing revolutionary who had sold his speedboat, his Stutz automobile, and God knows what else, to live on when his father disinherited him.”As there are existential novels there should be anti-existential novels and The Floating [...]

    16. رماني بسيار فني و سنت‌شکن که فاصله دو نقطه از زندگي قهرمانش را روايت مي‌کند، يعني از زماني که قهرمان اثر تصميم به خودکشي مي‌گيرد تا هنگامي که منصرف مي‌شود. اما انتخاب زندگي از جانب اين قهرمان نشانه شادي و نشاط نيست. در دنيايي که "بارت" در دهه‌هاي ميانه قرن بيستم آمريکا مي‌شن [...]

    17. The tone of this book reminded me somehow of vintage style Napoleon Dynamite, with the dry, witty tone, the low-key characters, the quirky events of everyday life. Now that might sound strange given that the book is about a guy considering suicide, but, as Barth says in the introduction, Todd Andrews is a "smiling nihilist." Which ironically made this existential, nihilist book one of the most entertaining reads in a while. I couldn't get enough of Barth's lovely, homespun narrative voice, the s [...]

    18. Se eu tivesse de escolher apenas uma palavra para definir este livro seria: Incómodo!Todd é advogado. Habita num hotel e todos os dias paga a estadia, porque tem consciência que cada dia pode ser o último; é um homem com várias doenças que o podem matar a qualquer momento.Apesar da sua “condenação” à morte, Todd é um suicida potencial e, enquanto planeia a sua morte, vai-nos contando, com muito humor, a sua estranha vida:A aventura amorosa entre ele e uma mulher casada, incentivad [...]

    19. Excellent. He tells you life is a floating opera, stacks the book's chronology so that it is just so, and you love him for it. Heretical as it may be to say this, I enjoyed this one much more than the Sot Weed Factor.

    20. 2.5/5The last ten days have been a most trying time for me in more ways than one. For at least a full 48 hours, I had to watch my heavily medicated six-month old kitten curl up into a ball of deep, dark agony, take short, shallow breaths, and teeter close to the precipice of life. That I am now able to think coherently enough to summon words to document the fact of a crisis averted so narrowly is a privilege. I am thankful for it. And now that she is well on her way to recovery from a near fatal [...]

    21. خوشحالم كه اين كتاب رو خوندم. وقتى تموم شد احساس خوبى داشتم و در حين خوندنش خيلى لبخند روى لبم ميومد! :)اوايل يكم روندش كنده ولى بعدش جذاب ميشه. شيوه ى روايتش جالبه.

    22. تاد اندروز شخصیت اصلی و راوی داستان اپرای شناوروکیلی موفق که بدنبال تصمیمش برای خودکشی تصمیم به تصویر کشیدن زندگی خود از سالهای دور می پردازد.او تلاش میکند بی ارزشی دنیا و رابطه جنسی را نشان دهد وارد مثلث عشقی می شود که بین هریسون ( دوست صمیمی) جین ( همسر هریسون) و خود وی اتفاق ا [...]

    23. John Barth's first novel is an exploration of nihilism. While displaying little of the wild fancy and meta-play that make later Barth novels so engaging, it's prototypical Barth in its setting (20th Century Chesapeake country) and in its winking humor that floats above an undercurrent of serious ideas. The protagonist, Todd Andrews, is a lawyer in small-town Cambridge, Maryland, living a seemingly quiet workaday life. This calm exterior covers up his extremely nihilist inner life -- an outlook f [...]

    24. This really is quite a different Barth to the Barth I know and love from Giles Goat-Boy and Lost in the Funhouse. One a bit more in line with the chilly, existentialist-influenced American writers of the era, Cheever, Walker Percy, etc albeit with a nod towards his future works. And yet this is an optimistic novel, and I don't mean that in an optimistic-even-though-shit-is-awful way, I mean a genuinely optimistic novel, of the sort I don't read often.

    25. در نیمه ی اول کتاب فکر کردم با کتابی بسیار بدیع و نویسنده ای بسیار باهوش سر و کار دارم. اما به خواندن که ادامه دادم، به این نتیجه رسیدم که نویسنده باهوش نیست بلکه ترفندبازی حیله گر است و می خواهد چنین بنماید که باهوش و طناز است. راوی داستان گاهی درباره ی تکنیک نوشتن خود می گوید و [...]

    26. برای صبحانه سه بیسکویت مخلوط مریلند را به شما توصیه میکنم، با آب. درست مثل وجدان بشر سفت و سخت و مثل چوب خشک است، و تا ساعتها مثل وزنه تعادل بر ستون ظریف کشتی در شکم آدم آویزان میماند. این بیسکویت ها ارزان هستند و در جیب آدم خرد نمیشوند، و اگر فراموششان کنید و در داخل جیبتان بیات [...]

    27. Allora, intendiamoci: Barth è bravo, ha una bella penna, buone intuizioni, non è affatto scontatoMa della vita e delle opinioni di Todd Andrews non me ne è fregato nulla dalla prima all'ultima pagina.E poi questo voler abbattere le barriere tra scrittura e lettura non mi ha mai convinto. Mettiamo bene in chiaro una cosa: tu sei di là a scrivere, io me ne resto qua a leggere, e così che la vedo io, non siamo amici, non ci conosciamo nemmeno e mi sta benissimo così, non voglio che mi si dia [...]

    28. ۱. هیچ چیز ارزش ذاتی ندارد. ۲. دلایلی که مردم بنابر آن ها برای مسائل ارزش قائل می شوند در نهایت غیر منطقی اند. و ۳. بنابر این هیچ دلیل قانع کننده ای برای ارزش قائل شدن برای هیچ چیز وجود ندارد.

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