Blackmantle Attacking savagely stealing land and corrupting the ancient customs that the people of Keltia have cherished since the time of Atlantis the hated Firvolgi are well on their way to conquering the Ke

  • Title: Blackmantle
  • Author: Patricia Kennealy-Morrison
  • ISBN: 9780061056109
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Paperback
  • Attacking savagely, stealing land, and corrupting the ancient customs that the people of Keltia have cherished since the time of Atlantis, the hated Firvolgi are well on their way to conquering the Kelts But the gods bring gifts with calamities, and in this dark time a bright light has appeared Born orphaned on the battlefield, her name is Athyn Cahanagh, but she is knowAttacking savagely, stealing land, and corrupting the ancient customs that the people of Keltia have cherished since the time of Atlantis, the hated Firvolgi are well on their way to conquering the Kelts But the gods bring gifts with calamities, and in this dark time a bright light has appeared Born orphaned on the battlefield, her name is Athyn Cahanagh, but she is known by friend and foe alike as Blackmantle As she sweeps Keltia to victory and is acclaimed as High Queen, Athyn meets the great and gifted bard, Morric Douglas, and a love story as deep as all time begins.

    Gane Define Gane at Dictionary Gane definition at Dictionary, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation Look it up now Resounded Define Resounded at Dictionary Historical Examples of resounded The three were brought forth into the yard, together, as it resounded through the air. Patricia Kennealy Morrison Patricia Kennealy Morrison born Patricia Kennely March , is an American author and journalist.Her published works include rock criticism, a memoir, and two series of science fiction fantasy and murder mystery novels Her books are evenly divided between the series The Keltiad and The RockRoll Murders The Rennie Stride Mysteries. As first a writer and then the editor in chief of GameMasters GameMasters DD E Luck Bonus House Rule Sometimes we all need a little bit of luck because sometimes our dice hate us Listed here is one of my house rules that I call Luck Bonus. The Throne of Scone Keltiad Patricia Kennealy Morrison The Throne of Scone Keltiad Patricia Kennealy Morrison on FREE shipping on qualifying offers In a futuristic Celtic fantasy, Aeron Aoibhell, Queen of Kelts, embarks on a sacred quest for the spaceship of King Arthur Browse By Author W Project Gutenberg free ebooks online Did you know that you can help us produce ebooks by proof reading just one page a day Go to Distributed Proofreaders

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    1. Kennealy Morrison was born in Brooklyn, New York and raised on Long Island 2 She attended St Bonaventure University for two years, majoring in Journalism She later transferred to Harpur College now known as Binghamton University where she graduated with a B.A in English Literature in 1967 She then moved to New York City, where she worked first as a lexicographer for Macmillan Publishing, then as an editorial assistant at and, from 1968 1971, editor in chief of Jazz Pop magazine She was one of the first female rock critics ever, leaving the field in 1971 2 As editor in chief of Jazz and Pop she first interviewed Jim Morrison of the rock band The Doors in January 1969 After the interview, they began a correspondence, became friends and later lovers She and Morrison exchanged marriage vows in a Celtic Pagan handfasting ceremony in June 1970 2 Before witnesses, one of them a Presbyterian minister, 3 the couple signed a document declaring themselves wedded 4 Although handfasting, like other religious ceremonies, is not legal unless the appropriate State paperwork is filed, she later changed her legal name to include Morrison s name, and Morrison addressed letters and poems to her as Patricia Morrison and my wife, Patricia 5 Kennealy Morrison published a memoir about her years with Jim Morrison, Strange Days My Life With And Without Jim Morrison, and also discussed their relationship in an interview in the book Rock Wives She served as an advisor on Oliver Stone s movie, The Doors, and played a small role in the film, as the High Priestess who marries the Jim and Patricia characters portrayed by Val Kilmer and Kathleen Quinlan However, in subsequent interviews and writings she was scathingly critical of Stone s portrayal of Morrison, herself, and other people who were the basis for the film s fictional characters, saying Stone s fiction bore little to no resemblance to the people she had known or the events they lived through 6 7 In the film her character is referred to as a Wicca Priestess , however Kennealy Morrison identifies as a Celtic Pagan, not a Wiccan 1 In 2000, Robin Ventura, third baseman for the pennant winning New York Mets, took the phrase Mojo Risin from The Doors L.A Woman and made it the rallying cry for the team that year Ventura and the Mets invited Kennealy Morrison to a game just before the playoffs, where she met with them and became a Mets fan 8

    2. I suppose the book she wrote about her life with Jim Morrison wasn't enough, so she had to ficitionalize it to get her revenge. I kept reading this expecting it to get better, but it never really did.

    3. I greatly enjoyed most of Kennealy's Keltiad novels as their basic premise is one of the most inventive and pleasing melds of Celtic myth, fantasy, and space travel I've ever encountered. It's a shame she never finished the other books planned in this fictional world.Blackmantle is the sole disappointment in the Keltiad, although for me this was entirely due to knowing some of the author's own background. Patricia Kennealy (which is the name most of her novels were published under) was briefly r [...]

    4. I need to get something off my chest here before I start.I love this book like fire and burning and red-hot magma. Part of it is leftover nostalgia, sure, but part of it is just that Athyn is a badass.The first half of this book deals with Athyn growing up and becoming part of a resistance movement in her country/star system/what have you. She must deal with her origins, her quite frankly abusive older brother, and take care of the horses all at the same time. Then she becomes the equivalent of [...]

    5. Unlike her other works which are sometimes slow to get into Blackmantle started out great, but about 2/3 of the way through devolved into a gory psyco bloodfest as she takes revenge on those who wronged. Her. I had to skip some of the grisly details totally lost my interest in this charator as she changed completely into some demon. None of the other ketiad books I read were so R rated. Almost like another author took over writing it. It did read to the end, but it was boring and predicable.

    6. I know very little about this author or her relationship with Jim Morrison of The Doors. I'm not a fan of The Doors and have never read any other books by this author, so for the most part, my review of the book comes free of opinion on either of those things, though I admit it's difficult to separate my thoughts from such things, because the author so very obviously made the connections when she wrote this.I will begin by saying I hate the narrative. It does not flow well. I found myself trippi [...]

    7. I read this book several years ago, and found it to be a "spoil me" booke kind that you can't honestly say is objectively a masterpiece, but it's just so darn fun to read you can't help yourself!Morrison's concept is that there's a planet that was founded by the Ancient Celts, who escaped the planet. A very weird concept, to be sure, but it allows her to create a brand new fantasy world based on Celtic lore and myth. I found her world to be very immersive, although the writing was by no means at [...]

    8. The first half of this book is progressing pretty well. So much of the criticism I've read of this book cite only the autobiographical elements identifying Morric Douglas as Jim Morrison and Athyn Cahanaugh as Kennealy as the reasons they did not like the story. It was a good read. Parts of it reminded me of various harrowing of the underworld myths, as the heroine braved the dangers of Annwn to bring her beloved Morric back from the dead. That was the better part of the novel. There was also a [...]

    9. This entire series is amazing! Yeah, I know. Celts in space. Weird. But it truly is a well written, engaging and sophisticated story with a strong woman as the protagonist and how she keeps the various tribes together in an empire that stretches across multiple planets (each named for the traditional Celtic kingdoms). It hews closely to Celtic myth and legend (such as it is) and is rich in detail and plot. And yes, the author was Jim Morrison's wife. Unfortunately it isn't in ebook format that I [...]

    10. A severely odd, yet satisfying read, this book is a good read. I was moved by it at the time, as I identified closely with the heroine of the book. Looking back years later, I do not know if I would enjoy it as much, but until then, my rating shall stand.

    11. There are some grammatical issues I remember seeing. All in all though, is a story of love and magic. A good read once you get into it. Also, thought it was cool that there are some Gaelic words throughout used.

    12. Part of Kennealy-Morrison's Keltiad novels, this one is a standalone. A pity that she stopped writing these, this one was pretty good. For the complete review, please go here:epinions/content_23502

    13. Kennealy-Morrison writes so beautifully, and her first six books of the Keltiad enjoy a secure position near the top of my all-time-favorite books. This story was entertaining, but I'm sorry to say it didn't engage me like The Copper Crown did.

    14. This is the one where PKM loses the plot big style and goes all out against The Doors movie of all things. Over the top but quietly hilarious as well.

    15. Blah blah blah, hopeless Jim Morrison delusions, blah blah blah. The sad part is Kennealy can actually write. Too bad she's bat-crap crazy.

    16. A really breath-taking Celtic version of the Orpheus myth. One of the few books that has really brought me to tears and does every time I re-read it.

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